Assisted Living Services

What BPUC can do for your facility?

*Improve Quality of Care for Residents
*Lower transportation costs
*Lower fall rates
*Aggressively address urinary tract infections, URI, Pneumonia, Falls
*Control what happens to the resident when out of the facility
*Introduce an electronic medical record for Improved State Compliance

   - improves communication with medical practitioners.

   - HIPPA compliant sharing of reports, labortatories, x-rays, prescriptions

Our practice provides resident primary care services, electronic health record consulting, on-site laboratories, and on-site employee health care. We currently provide services in 88 facilities from Hayesville to Wilmington. In the 60 facilities where we provide services typically the facility transportation costs drop by 90 percent, have lower invasive urinary tract infections, fewer invasive pneumonia's, and reduced fall rates. We have a provider that would come to the facility weekly. Our providers work with care managers and family members to provide the best care for the resident. We want to promote the highest level of functioning for your residents. We try to facilitate your relationship with state regulators by creating orders that comply with assisted living regulations. We do not require separate or extra visits just to refill controlled medications. We are on call 24-7 and provide very rapid response to requests for orders, justification of post-hospitalization orders. Typical response is to have these requests completed within 2 hours.

We are experts in electronic health records (OpenEMR) and provide free on-site training for your staff. This OpenEMR provides the very fast turnaround time that our clients have become accustomed to. The EMR includes an instant messenger that puts date-time stamps on all notification to the practitioners. The EMR has an excellent scanning module that makes for very rapid conversion of your paper records to electronically accessible information. We have arranged a laboratory services through <a href=";rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=…" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Vista-Clinical (Danvill, VA)</a> that allows ordering of laboratories inside the OpenEMR and direct electronic delivery of the laboratories into the EMR so that our practitioners get notified of the laboratories usually the morning the laboratories are delivered. Because of the electronic delivery there are date time stamps on when are practitioners are notified. This helps your compliance with the state monitors because it is easy to prove timely notification to your monitor. There is an event notification tool to notify the practitioners of falls, abnormal sugars, increasing mental behaviors, again with date time stamps to assist you with compliance.

We bill the primary and secondary insurances where possible and only bill the balance to the resident after these insurances have paid. We do not require any credit cards or personal financial information from your residents. We work hard at not incurring any additional fees or charges to your residents that are covered through their usual insurance. Ninety-two percent of our budget comes from the resident primary care services. By combining the on-site resident health care services, the on-site employee health care services, OpenEMR training, and working to help you comply with state regulations, we bring a much more comprehensive service than what is being provided by our competitors.

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